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Health promotion and prevention in Global Health: Recent submissions

  • van Vliet, Wilhelmina Anna (Anneke) (2017)
    For this assignment I choose the element from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of adequate medical care. I focus on the right for adequate medical care. This I narrowed down to a part of primary care, the surgical ...
  • van vliet, Wilhelmina Anna (Anneke) (2017)
    For this assignment the Global Health priority of Antimicrobial Resistance was cho-sen. The implications, goals and international actors are described on Global level and on National level. For the part on National level ...
  • van vliet, Wilhelmina Anna (Anneke) (2017)
    For this essay I have chosen two articles besides looking at the video “Compassion in Global Health”, reading the study guide that comes with this video and reading the “Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability” ...
  • Karvinen, Ikali (2015-11-10)
    In this presentation, my aim is to look how this overall objective is reflected in the work for repository and with the local communities
  • Karvinen, Ikali (2015-09-30)
    This is the power point presentation given in the Nairobi CRIPS seminar on 30.9.2015

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